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Eloquently arrive in our splendidly enchanted carriage graced by one of our stately horses ...because yours is one of a kind, and...

Whether your special event is a:

* Wedding
* Prom
* Quinceanera
* Birthday
* Anniversary
* Engagement
* Photo Session
* Office Party
* Promotion
* Parade
* Graduation
* Holiday Party
* Or Just Because...    Let Us Serve You!

Our goal is to please our clients; we offer a carriage service that fits your style and accommodates your needs.

Our driver Shandy Staab-Daubert has been training horses privately and professionally for 15 years. She is an experienced all-around horsewoman winning her first National all-around championship at the age of 6 years old. She has been Certified by the Denver, CO. Mounted Patrol to drive commercial horse-drawn carriages. She drives with a clean safety record and outstanding service record.

Photos of Certified Commercial Driver-
Shandy Staab-Daubert driving Downtown Denver

Our footman Christy Staab is owner, operator and manager of Eternal Hope Equestrian Centre, LLC and is a 3rd generation professional horse trainer and 2nd generation professional stallion handler. She has had an extensive show career winning numerous National championships.
Safety is first and foremost to our driver and footman.
Rest assured, we will do everything in our power to make your experience with a horse-drawn service, safe and pleasant.

Our custom created Cinderella style pumpkin carriage sports a custom, pure white, hammered finish paint and white vinyl seating for 4-6 passengers; it can be embellished with your choice of decorations including but not limited to floral, fabric, ribbon, balloons, etc., provided by you. Because this carriage has been designed by E.H.E.C. and hand built by McGilvray Farms of Bird City, KS; rest assured this 'one of a kind' carriage is as unique as your occasion.



Our horses are all show quality. Our Silver Grey Percherons turn heads everywhere they go! Our horses have a stylish way of moving, are photogenic and absolutely love performing. Any of our horses can be embellished with your choice of colored fabric accents throughout the mane and tail. We currently offer accents in a classic Black and White color scheme, dolled up for show.


Our harness is a quality, custom, fancy parade style harness- hand crafted and purchased through Harley Troyer; Platteville, CO. This harness sports a patent leather look (without the bulk for added comfort for our horses) and stainless diamonds accents, all stainless steel hardware, tall elegant stainless steel show hames and an extra tall patent leather (look) Scotch Housing complete with stainless steel accents and toggle decoration. This harness is dripping with shiny ornamentation and is sure to catch your eye.  

Our standard attire: Black Tuxedo tail coats, white or black gloves, white or black pants, tall black boots and top hats.

If the driver and footman's attire are important to you, and our standard attire does not fit your style - we are willing to wear the attire that is appropriate for your occasion.

Our driver, footman, horse, harness and carriage: will be professional, proper and presentable on the day of your event.

If you desire a carriage service that is second to none
Eternal Hope Equestrian Centre Carriage Services
is the carriage provider for you.

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